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  How to place your order

On the first webpage (and every subsequent page) you will see our menu of products clearly labelled down the lefthand side of the page.

Choose your product from this menu by clicking on the relevant button. For flyers you will see buttons for both single sided and double sided options.

Across the top you will see various buttons to information pages that will help you place your order.

2 You now need to choose your printing options (where you see the flashing arrows).
Firstly, choose if you are sending us a file to print from (either click the YES or NO box).

Then you need to choose your turnaround - you can see the delivery date for each of the options available, simply choose the one that suits your deadline best.

Obviously the quicker we deliver, the highest the price.

3 Once you have chosen your print options, a table of prices will appear (not until you have selected both options above).

The price table will show different paper types across the top and your quantities down the left side. Simply click 'Add to Basket' for the quantity and paper type that you are looking for.

The yellow bars indicate Digitally printed products while the grey bars indicate Litho printed products. More information on these two processes of print can be found on our FAQ page.

You will now be directed to your shopping basket where you can see a description of the item you have chosen and the price.

This is where you will need to select your delivery service from the drop down menu from the 3 options available:

Delivered between 6am - 8pm by Courier £8.99
Ireland / Northern Ireland £30.00 (+2 days)
Highlands £30.00 (+2 days)
Isle of Wight £30.00 (+2 days)

Please note that the options you choose here are still dependant on the turnaround you have chosen on the previous page (with the exception of the '+2 days' which will add two working days to the delivery).

Click the 'Checkout' button when you are ready to proceed with your order.

You now need to complete your personal details such as name, company name (if applicable) email, billing address, etc.

You can also state a different delivery address, if you do, we will ensure your order is plain wrapped (with no mention of our company details) in case you are a reseller and we are delivering to your client direct.

When you have completed your details, you will need to enter the name of your file (i.e. Bill Bloggs A5 Leaflet) and agree to our terms and conditions.


You will now be redirected to our secure Sagepay payment page. Sagepay are one of the largest payment gateways in the world and fully secure.

Simply enter your card details here and click 'proceed' to continue.


Once your payment has been successfully processed by Sagepay, you will be redirected back to our website, where you have two options:

1) If you have chosen and paid for our 'Please Design it for me' option, click the left button for DESIGN SERVICE. You will then be redirected to our DESIGN BRIEF page.

2) If you have a file ready to upload, just click the right button UPLOAD MY FILE to be directed to our file upload software.


If you choose the option 'UPLOAD MY FILE', this is where you will see our file preview software in action.

The first page will ask what size you have ordered - just choose the same size as the product you ordered (i.e. A6 Flyer) and whether it is portrait artwork or landscape.

Then browse for your file to upload for side 1 (or both sides if you have a 2 page .pdf).


Here you will see your image loaded in all its glory! You might see that you image has been resized to fit within the red lines (safe area), to avoid anything being cropped. If this means you have an unwanted white border, just click CROP and drag the handles to the full size to resize your image to fit.

Simarly, you can drag the handles in and out around your image to distort it.

If you have a double sided product, once you click 'continue', you will have the chance to edit side two of your file.


Once you have edited your image(s) and clicked CONTINUE, you will see our final approval page.

Here it is critical that you check the proofs shown carefully as any visible 'crop marks' or blank white 'space' will be printed as such. If this doesn't look right or fill the full visible area, you will need to click BACK and resize your image(s) accordingly.

Once you are happy to approve, enter your RC reference number, email address, and click the green approval button.
At this point, you will have the option to upload multiple files and start again.


If you have chosen and paid for Design...

If you have chosen the option 'Please create my design for me' (Step 2), then you will see a different page giving you the option of attaching your design brief (company name, address, bullet points etc.) and any images you might like us to use.

You will then receive a .pdf proof of your design in the next 2 - 4 working days for your approval, with any further changes usually take around a day.

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